The assessment interview involves a face-to-face meeting with a panel of three Assessors who are CMCs (Certified Management Consultant) from the Board of the CICMC.
During the interview, you will be invited to select two of the consulting projects that you have written up as part of your application form and give a 15 minute presentation on each project. This will be followed by an interview based around the competency framework in which panel members will discuss with you your experience, skills, methods and knowledge and assess this against the CMC Management Competency Framework.
You may wish to bring with you relevant copies of project-related documents to accompany your presentation. During the interview, you will also be asked to sign that you will at all times adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.
You should ensure that you are familiar with the three elements of the Framework:
  • the CMC Core Competencies
  • the Consultants’ Common Body of Knowledge, and
  • the Code of Professional Conduct